Grilled chili and tomato sauce

March 15, 2017




Main ingredients


Medium sized green and red chili, 6 pcs
Whole clove garlic, 6 cloves
Whole clove shallot, 6 cloves
Ripe plum tomatoes, 3 pcs (or 6 for large cherry tomatoes)
Coriander, chopped, 3 sprigs
Spring onion, chopped, 2 sprigs
Fish sauce, 3 table-spoons
A pinch of salt, and sugar
Olive oil, to cook and for final seasoning


Method of preparation


1.   Throw the chili, whole garlic, shallots and tomatoes into the frying pan. Drop the drizzles of oil at cooking. Cook until they are brown to almost black.

2.   Stop the heat and let the cooked ingredients cool down.

3.   Mash the ingredients in the mortar or, in alternative case, a blender. Start by pounding the chili first with salt, then garlic, shallots, with tomatoes at last.

4.   Season the mash with fish sauce, a pinch of sugar. Add the chopped coriander and spring onion.


My note


This simple but truly delicious sauce is fantastic as an accompaniment, a dip, or even a sauce over meat or plain rice. I love it with grilled or steamed fish. Make it less spicy if used as dip for raw or steamed vegetables.    

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