Coriander and green chili sauce

March 12, 2017


Main ingredients – to make 100g of sauce


Fresh coriander, all parts including the roots to be used, 50g
Garlic, chopped, 30g
Two large green limes
Extra virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoons
Fish sauce, 2 tablespoons
Green and red chili, 1 each
Pinch of salt, black pepper
Sugar, half a tea spoon


Method of preparation


1.   Thoroughly clean and dry the coriander, chop and set it aside. Pick a couple of roots, clean and to finely chop it all in as well.

2.   In the mortar, pound the chili before adding the coriander, and then follow by the sea salt, sugar and pepper. Finally add in the already chopped garlic. Pound the ingredients very well - consistently fine, but not too fine that it becomes slightly sticky.

3.   Add the lime juice, oil and fish sauce.

4.   Use a small spoon to stir it well. Adjust the taste to preference – it should be a nice balance of fresh coriander and garlic smells, with the sour and salty taste.


My note


This green “pesto” sauce is very versatile, universal and very tasty. The sauce is very appealing over a lightly grilled white fish, white meat or chicken. We love having a fresh piece of Halibut, Dory, Cream Snapper or Sole filet.    

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