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When I first discovered (and fell in love with) Krabi, it wasn't because of that stunningly familiar Andaman sea and heavenly beaches.
It was this on a rainy day when clouds hugged the karst mountains that scattered through out the province's landscapes.

That tranquil "...

13 Mar 2017

Aarya's interior

13 Mar 2017

Aarya's interior

An image from above the Maya Bay to help you get through your Friday afternoon!

1 Jul 2016

Phang Nga Bay during rainy season. It's only greener, with brighter sky and fresher air after some random storms that's all!

I'd been telling people about the changes of colours of my favourite bay in the Andaman Sea: Tiffany blue during the dry months and emerald green during the south-west monsoon months.

Here's the two pictures of this shallow, almost enclosed, lagoon.

A dream-like scenery of the tiffany blue water, beaches, coves, limestone cliff and karst mountains over the Andaman sea is typical sight of Krabi and Thailand's Andaman Sea but did you know that this province is so blessed with nature phenomenons - from the ocean thro...

Here's looking out from my favourite secret lagoon where I love taking friends for a swim. While lunch awaits on board at a perfectly moored spot at the distance!

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