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23 Sep 2017

Cooking is easy...
Wild, colourful, oh so green
Mushrooms, petit pois, the heavenly cream of all creams
How I longed for some pomme de terre dauphinoise,
A fresh tomato sauce for something, something, I ain't sure,
Then I stop, sigh, smell and sing in between!


11 Jul 2017

Weekly market is where farmers present their harvests and the consumers would look forward to the fresh and the rare and precious vegetables such as these. How nostalgic!

ตลาดนัดประจำอาทิตย์คือเวลาที่ชาวไร่ชาวสวนจะได้นำผลผลิตหรือของที่เก็บเกี่ยวมาเสนอขาย และบ่อยครั้งที่...

14 Dec 2016

Thing is, it's not just Thai food that is abundantly good in this culinary kingdom of Chang Mai. One would realise that pasta is almost a Thai staple here also - Spaghetti Sai Ua (Chiang Mai sausage) is pretty common "local" dish. Amazing local talents for different cu...

Food, too, in a constant evolution. Som Tam was primarily a green papaya salad from the North East region, but the variation is endless these days.

This elaborated version is served with accompaniments that are meant to balance off the fiery flavors are all presented...

7 Dec 2016

Khao Soi is possibly Chiang Mai's most famous noodle. But the lesser-known and most amazing delicacy from the north region is that large freshwater prawn, I think.

8 Sep 2016

Amazing purple corn (or some call it "blue corn") in Thanin market of Chiang Mai. Super food.

30 Aug 2016

The "false earthstar", "barometer earthstar" or "hygroscopic earthstar" is Hed Phor mushroom (or Hed Thob in Lanna). Associated wth various trees and common in temperate tropical climate. Our delicacy during this season.

In some part of this fertile and abundant land, organic is a norm and inexpensive (while the industrial farming produce are "luxury"). 
Small growers here simply cannot afford chemical fertilizer. Buy from them.

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